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grain free zucchini bread and #BOSnow2015

WHOA MAMA. If you’ve been watching the news at all, or looking at your facebook/twitter/instagram/ANYTHING feed, then you’re well aware that mother nature has been spewing snow all over the northeast, with her aim directly at my house. Yes, me, … Continue reading

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oh hi howahya whereya been?

Oh hullo! Here I am, just in time to dust off my blog for 2015. Looks like my first post in forever will also be a 2014 recap, seeing how I dropped off the face of all social media avenues late last winter. … Continue reading

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(another) Raw Generation review

OMG I finally completed. Another. Six. Day. Juice cleanse. I’ve reviewed raw generation before, but this one was a little different. I did the 3-day Happily Ever After Bridal Juice Cleanse followed by the 3-day Skinny Cleanse. Hey, they had some … Continue reading

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juice cleanse 101. YOU CAN DO THIS.

it’s pretty clear that i love to do a good juice cleanse.  A LOT of people ask me why i do it. they think i’m crazy. in a nutshell, i do it when i need a good kick in the … Continue reading

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Dinner at Moksa with Blog and Tweet Boston

I seriously can’t think of a better way to resurrect my blog other than a restaurant review/blogger event with Blog and Tweet Boston, amirite? Enter Moksa, a Pan Asian restaurant in central square, Cambridge. My girl Jessica and I arrived early … Continue reading

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the whole juice and nothing but the juice

i just completed a 6-day juice cleanse. by completed i mean accomplished. i’ve done a number of 3-day’s within the past few years so i at least knew what to expect on some levels. not gonna lie, by day 2 … Continue reading

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no lids. no straws.

there’s nothing like spending a long weekend in brooklyn. i always feel trapped when i go there, but in a good way; there’s so much to eat/drink. my dear friend christina, aka C, recently got her masters in architecture at … Continue reading

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old people i love. shweaty florida.

i just got back from visiting the grandparents in hot and humid hobe sound florida. cousin mikey and i coordinated flights and rented a car (a white ford, of course) to sun it up with our two favorite old people … Continue reading

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hi hi i have a blog.

although not quite time-wise ready to dive into this whole blog thing, i have have have HAVE to post something for 2 reasons. one, it’s the first day of spring people!!! (must. disregard. dirty snow outside. see also: someone else … Continue reading

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