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DIY LUSH solid lotion bars

LUSH. love their products. so natural. so lovely. so… expensive. I wanted to make a solid lotion bar similar to those over at LUSH.  the recipe I found has far less ingredients, however a pretty good start and easy to … Continue reading

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DIY body scrubs

man it’s dry out. sub zero temps will do that. it’s SCIENCE. good thing i’m addicted to body scrubs. good thing they’re easy-peasy to make. my favorite store bought scrub of all time is Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish. at nearly … Continue reading


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rosemary roasted almonds

awww nuts! ohman. right outta the oven. still warm. SO GOOD. i made these delicious rosemary roasted almonds, as well as candied bourbon pecans for DIY holiday gifts. yes i said holiday. i’m so PC. ROSEMARY ROASTED ALMONDS from two peas & … Continue reading

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candied bourbon pecans

boy do i love me some brown liquor during these cold months (thankfully often here in new england). mixed up with some Reed’s Ginger Brew is my jam. and nuts. nuts are good. especially when they’re coated with brown liquor-y … Continue reading

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DIY (whatever)nut butter

i’m a huge fan of the all natural peanut butter.  teddie all natural smooth unsalted, to be exact. plus, it’s technically local to me, right down the street in Everett, so it makes me feel all green and carbon footprint type … Continue reading

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