the whole juice and nothing but the juice

i just completed a 6-day juice cleanse. by completed i mean accomplished. i’ve done a number of 3-day’s within the past few years so i at least knew what to expect on some levels. not gonna lie, by day 2 i was getting nervous.

although i’ve thought about buying a juicer and making my own, it’s so much easier to order them from someone who knows what they’re doing . BPC does just that (one green juice has 6 whopping pounds of produce in it!), plus they cold press it rather than extract, meaning that the nutrients aren’t broken down. it’s pricey, but sometimes have deals with their own coupon codes or gilt city. it’s a hefty chunk of change, but i promise you, it’s totes worth it. TOTES.

juicy tote included!

they come from nyc, fresh pressed and unpasteurized, so it’s fedex’ed overnight. there are 3 levels to choose from- i always go with the 2nd. you’re constantly drinking 6, 12 ounce juices throughout the day. one of them (PAM) is so delicious that i’m dying to mix it with rum, but you know, that kinda kills the whole deal.

essentially my breakfast lunch and dinner are green juices, the most important of the bunch. there are different 2 fruity juices as snacks and at the end of the day a delicious cashew nut milk/cinnamon/agave concoction that is very yummy and filling.

no caffeine. no booze. just juice and water. ok ok so i may have snuck a cup of very weak tea in there. or two. so help me god.

days 1-2 =  headaches. i mean HEADACHES. hungry. cranky. when will this be over? it usually isn’t like this for me, so i’m blaming it on the copious amounts of coffee i’ve been drinking lately. hello withdrawal. i guess this is what they mean by detox.

days 3 = much better. headaches minimal. starting to remember again why i’m doing this. someone heating up leftover pizza in the kitchenette. smells good. don’t want it. next 3 day shipment arrives. no turning back. i even challenged myself by going to an after work “happy hour” (yes, quotes, as it is illegal in massachusetts).


days 4-5 = headaches gone. very important to drink lots of water. my system has definitely been very gently cleaned out, if ya know what i’m sayin. gently is a key word here, and one of the reasons why i love this juice cleanse.

day 6 = tah-dah! feeling great, but looking forward to eating super healthy solid foods. no desires for a cheeseburger. yet.

my eats for day 7 will be full of watery fruits (i picked up a variety of melon), soft veggies (avocado, cucumber), juices and water. after that i spend the next few days adding leafy veggies, nuts, grains, beans, and eventually meat and dairy.

thoughtfully prepping for and breaking a cleanse are very important. think about it- you’re somewhat shutting down your digestive system for a few days. giving it a rest. if you immediately throw a pizza in there, and i promise you this,  you’ll regret it. ease in and out of meat, dairy, and solids pre and post cleanse respectively.

i try to do this a few times a year, when i’m feeling BLAH. bloated. carb heavy. you get it.

do it.


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I recently (and finally) discovered cooking, baking, and DIY-ing. Yes, I discovered them all and you're welcome. I live in Boston and work at an A&E firm as a mechanical designer for healthcare.
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  1. scbmoonbeam says:

    You’re awesome, Honey! You can do ANYTHING!

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