old people i love. shweaty florida.

i just got back from visiting the grandparents in hot and humid hobe sound florida. cousin mikey and i coordinated flights and rented a car (a white ford, of course) to sun it up with our two favorite old people down south. it’s always a trip. i’m funny. mikey is funny. shake or stir with two late-80 year olds and you’ve got a good story.

it poured buckets the first two days, so like any normal retired person living on a golf course we drank (and drank) and played gin (and drank gin) with fox 25 news blasting on the tv.

mix it up cuz!

jack of hearts creeper.

grams is lookin pretty darn good. neither of them golf anymore, but she has her mahjong dates with the ladies, i feel safe with her driving, and she eats well.

gramps, on the other hand, is a specimen. his license was taken away (FINALLY) and his diet is rich in the fruitiest available zinfandel (with 2 olives), donuts, decaf coffee, diet pepsi, oysters (“oyshtershs”), chocolate, cheese, expired deli meat, and ice cream bars. how he keeps his tiny little figure is beyond me. oh right, he eats like a bird.

sporting his fave hoodie.

miss them both already.

bates sandwich.


About gibblemethis

I recently (and finally) discovered cooking, baking, and DIY-ing. Yes, I discovered them all and you're welcome. I live in Boston and work at an A&E firm as a mechanical designer for healthcare.
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